Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit 2020

Prevention is better than cure! An age old saying coined by Desiderius Erasmus, seems to be quite relevant and befitting in the digital age. The birth of the internet was a boon for businesses. Enabling businesses to expand and create for themselves a global presence, and reaching out to customers spread across geographies. Whilst the internet allowed businesses to set up base in different locations and cater to a larger customer base, it did open up numerous avenues for ‘malevolent actors’ with not so good intentions. Back in the day, when miscreants showed up, the cavalry was called in. Security has come a long way from walls and moats to lock and key to encoded maps etc.

As the internet evolved, it accelerated growth in various industries; it also led the ‘malevolent actors’ to evolve as well. In the digital era, an organization’s most prized possession is its data. This could be intellectual property, corporate strategy, business know-how, customer’s data including PII etc. Ensuring the security of this data, in recent times, has become of paramount importance, eventually finding its way into the organizational strategy. India is going digital and with its rapidly growing economy has carved a place for itself on the global front. But it has also grabbed the attention of those with not so good intentions.

In 2019 India was among the top 5 countries that were attacked the most. Various reports published, that are available in the public domain, made it clear that the target of these attacks were the critical infrastructure, banking sector, e-commerce, defence, healthcare etc. As a concept, security is not unknown, however with the complex and sophisticated technology which has accelerated the growth of businesses and generated large volumes of data, data on which organizations rely on, security now no longer is limited to just guarding the front door. As clichéd as it may sound, the ground reality is an attack is out of our control, but how to resist an attack – that is under our control. As the threat landscape evolves and becomes more complex and dynamic, cyber security as a whole must adapt simultaneously.

Sapphire Connect’s Cyber Risk & Resilience Summit aims to facilitate a cohesive approach to creating a safe and secure cyberspace, by creating a platform dedicated to cyber security professionals. In its launch edition, the summit will host cyber security professionals across industries sharing their experience and expertise with one another. Learn about the evolving threat landscape from insightful keynote addresses; participate in engaging panel discussions and network with the best in the field of cyber security.